Life Lessons From The Bible

The Bible is an exploration of Humanity and its interaction within the world.  The Bible explores the relationships between the CREATOR and the CREATED.  The macro-relationship within the Bible is that of GOD and HUMAN.  The micro-relationship of the Bible is that of the PARENT and CHILD.  As Humans that procreate, we becoming MINI-CREATORS.  In doing so, as a CREATOR, we take on the challenges and responsibilities of that role. Likewise, we gain a better understanding that we are also a part of the CREATED.  This provides us insight into our relationships with our parents, the CREATORS.  In sum, as Humans, we have the opportunity to straddle the challenges of being both the CREATOR and the CREATED.

For those who are not religious, the exploration of the role and relationship between the CREATOR and the CREATED is something of value to understand.  Such an exploration will provide guidance on how to live and conduct your life.

The Bible goes further to discuss other relationships. These items to be addressed at a later time.