“Off The Derech” On The Eighth Day He Created Irony: Genesis 2:2

And God completed on the seventh day His work that He did, and He abstained on the seventh day from all His work that He did.
And God blessed the seventh day and He hallowed it, for thereon He abstained from all His work that God created to do
Genesis 2:2-3

I wish to posit that there was an eighth day of creation. After the creation of the world in six days, and after the Sabbath day of rest, the Master and Creator of the Universe, on the eighth day, created irony.

Many things happen in the world and we cannot account for them. They are inexplicable. They don’t make sense. They are ironic. Irony is a term used to describe “weirdness” or “coincidence” in the world. Humanity’s lack of imagination and unwillingness to address possibilities may also be in play.

The concept that irony was unleashed on Humanity is something that I have long contemplated. With irony, a recent incident is evidence of the irony.

This week, I published a post on my other blog making the contention that sometimes there are moments when circumstances beyond one’s control. The premise behind this was that one should not covet something that makes sense or is logical. For example, someone else getting the job you were pursuing may be because the other person, for a variety of reasons, was in fact the best candidate. The fact one was not selected, therefore, should not be a slight to one’s self or be a basis for being envious of the other person. In my post, I also used the fateful story of our front yard bunny who left our lawn to find greener pastures with our neighbor.

The post beset me with irony Thursday night. I arrived home about sundown, got out of the car, and checked the front lawn for a bunny sighting. The bunny was back. I summoned my partner to see. As we were both looking, I appeared to get double vision. After refocusing, I witnessed something beyond my contemplation. There was in fact a second bunny. How did this occur? One thought was the the lawn was freshly cut on Thursday was enticing. Another thought was that a vicious form of irony was cast upon me. Was my premise about coveting so poor that it could only survive a few days?

With this is mind, I asked how can this happen? The answer in mind is that we live our lives based upon odds. There is certainty, probability and possibility. We function with our lives and beliefs upon placing certain prospects in each category. We play the odds. Likewise, our imagination plays a role. I would have had to imagine long and hard that I would have encountered “two” bunnies on my lawn. My limited use of imagination perhaps opened the door for this moment of irony. occur.

As such, with the world complete, on the eighth day, the Master of the Universe set in motion these events of the world to occur. The lack of both imagination and knowledge on my behalf created the irony “irony.” With that said, the true question is “whether irony is a call to Humanity to open one’s mind beyond the mere certainties and probabilities and explore the possibilities?” In other words, did the creation of “irony” lead to the creation of imagination?

Be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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